Senior Programs

Our Senior Programs offer:

1. Home delivery – For those of our patrons who love to read but are unable to come to the library, we will deliver books to their home.

a. Patrons can provide a list of favorite authors, a list of books, or simply tell us what type of book they prefer.

2. Programs designed for patrons who reside in residential nursing facilities, personal care locations and Memory Impaired Units.

 a. Programs include:

i. History (Amelia Earhart; Massa Harbison; Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing)

 ii. Mystery (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; the B-29 that landed in the Monongahela River, World’s Largest Pumpkins)

iii. Ghost stories that will keep you awake!

iv. Do you know what happened December 9, 1965, at about 4:45 p.m.? (Hint: UFOs/Kecksburg, PA)

v. Holidays (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, National Jelly Bean Day).

vi. Summer Reading 2012: Little House on the Prairie (series) by Laura Engels Wilder.

3. Like to dance? Get ready for:
i. The Chicken Dance
ii. The Macarena
iii. YMCA

4. How good is your memory?

a. Trivia about States
b. Tricky Trivia – the answer could be quite different from what you think.
c. Trivia about holidays

Contact: Betty Thompson, Coordinator, 724-681-0276


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