Exam Proctoring Guidelines

Exam Proctoring Guidelines

The Community Library of Allegheny Valley provides test proctoring as a complimentary service to the general public. In order to provide this service the student must adhere to the test proctoring guidelines outlined below.

Request proctoring service by email at myserk2@einetwork.net or by phone at 724-226-3491.

Please be sure to include the following information: your name, contact information, instructor’s name, and name of school/institution/university.

All tests will be scheduled at the convenience of the proctor regardless of testing deadlines, etc. We cannot accept examinations received without advance notice and contact information.

Student Responsibilities

1. Read and agree to the conditions of the exam proctoring guidelines.

2. Make arrangements with the proctor allowing adequate time for the proctor to receive the exam from the testing institution and then schedule a time to take the exam. It is also the student’s responsibility to contact the proctor to verify that the exam has been received.

3. If the testing institution requires a signed proctor’s verification form before the exam is sent, email  myserk2@einetwork.net or by phone at 724-226-3491 to make arrangements for the proctor to sign the form in person. Library staff will not sign a proctor’s verification form attesting to more than the staff is able to do.

4. Verify that the proctoring conditions provided by the library meet all requirements of the institution administering the exam.

5. Student must bring all supplies needed for the test (e.g. pencils, pens).

6. Arrange to have the examination and instructions sent to the library via email to myserk2@einetwork.net or mail to:

Community Library of Allegheny Valley
1522 Broadview Boulevard
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

If the exam is to be returned by mail please supply a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope. If the exam is emailed to the library, the student pays the cost of printing out the exam at 20 cents per page.

7.  Proctoring service is scheduled at the convenience of the administrating proctor. The exam date and time must be scheduled during regular library hours and completed in the library. The library reserves the right to refuse proctoring if the requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.

Testing Institution/Agency/School Responsibilities

Review and approve these proctoring guidelines.

Clearly supply the name of the institution or agency sending the exam, full name of the exam taker, the complete exam, and detailed instructions for the proctor on administering the exam.

Testing Environment

1. The library does not have a private room for exam taking.

2. The library will attempt to honor a request for an online exam. However, the library and the library staff are not responsible for difficulties arising from library computers, or Internet connection issues. The student should be aware of their testing institution’s website and their login procedures and any other required login information such as passwords.

Testing Procedure

  1. On the day of the exam, the student will be asked to show photo identification for verification. The student should also arrive for the examination with pens, pencils, and any other allowable supplies. The library does not supply calculators, paper etc.
  2. The proctor will monitor and abide by the time limits.

3. The student will honor all rules required by your examining institution.

4. The library does not supply or retain copies of finished exams or grade examinations.

5. If exams are to be returned by mail to the testing institution, please supply a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope. Library staff is unable to honor requests requiring special trips to the Post Office, FedEx or UPS.

6. If exams are to be faxed to the testing institution, the exam must be easily faxed (no  two-sided exams or booklets) and the student pays the fax charge (1 dollar per page).

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