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Please complete this Computer Sponsorship form in order to support the library by purchasing a computer lease.

Computer Sponsorship Form


Heroes Wanted!
Did you know that Computer use at the Library has gone up by 30 percent?

Times are tough, and more people are turning to the library for free access to our computers and the internet. Imagine trying to look for a job, or having to do research for homework, or filing your taxes, if you couldn’t afford to have a computer at home!

The Community Library of Allegheny Valley is committed to making sure that everyone in our area has access to the latest technology…but that of course costs money.

Computer use is up, but our funding is down.

The State budget cuts have hurt us, and while the money we get from the State is less, the cost of maintaining our computers has not gone down.

We have 25 computers for public use which we lease through the EI Network. EI Network- provides technology to all libraries in the Carnegie System, as well as to independent libraries like CLAV who are not affiliated with the Carnegie Library in Oakland. It costs us $8,460 every year to keep the public and staff computers running. We are able to lease computers from EI Network for a 3 year period for $8,460 each year, and they also handle tech support.

The total cost for us to make computers available for the public and our staff to use for the lease period is $25,380. It all breaks down to a cost of $260 for each computer per year.

We are looking for some heroes who can help us cover the cost! Will You Sponsor a Computer at the Library?

You can be a hero by purchasing either a full certificate or a portion of one. 12” x 6” full page $260.00
1/2 page side by side $130.00
1/4 page $65.00
(On the 1/4 page, there can be more than one name, suitable for a group.)

We want to paper the walls, the computers, and the website with the names of our Computer Sponsors!

* Paz & Paz  Law Offices
* Walter Agency, LLC Insurance
* Duster
* Animal  Protectors of Allegheny Valley
* Friends of the Community Library of Allegheny Valley
* Dr. Larry and Joan Ferlan
* Tarentum History and Landmarks

If you become one of our heroes, we will prominently display your name on the wall of the entrance to the library, over the computer monitor, and on our website.

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