Who Knew? Local History Series (Tarentum)

Who Knew? Freemasons
6 to 7 p.m. May 17 
OR 18 (Tarentum)

Discover Some memorable firsts in Tarentum history.  Registration required as seating is limited to 30 people. Sign up at 724-226-0770.
Seating limited to 30 each session.

Past events include:
Toys (June 2014)
Tools (July 2014)
Boy Scouts (August 2014
Veterans of Foreign Wars (Sept. 2014)
Historic Church Plates (Oct. 2014),
Winterizing Your Garden (Nov. 2014)
Ethnic Holiday Traditions (Dec. 2014)
Birding in Western PA (Jan. 2015)
Bridges (Feb. 2015)
Tarentum & the Civil War (March 2015)
Spring Gardening (April 2015)
Remembering Local Veterans (May 2015)
American Freedom Train (June 2015)
Tarentum’s “Glass” Roots (July 2015)
Grandview School (Aug. 2015)
Pittsburgh Tarentum Campgrounds (Sept. 2015)
AK Sports Notables (Oct. 2015)

Remembering Stores that are Gone (Dec. 2015)

Tarentum Firsts (Jan. 2016)

Tarentum’s Newspapers (March 2016)


Check out pictures from previous events on our Facebook page.

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