Love Your Library

September is here, and with it comes our second Love Your Library month.


Love Your Library is a county wide fundraising campaign that will run for the entire month of September. Any donations made to the library during this time will be matched by the Jack Buncher Foundation.

There will be many opportunities to support your library this month.  Here are some ways you can help.

  • Stop in and tell us why you love your library
  • Purchase a book at our ongoing book sale
  • Come and shop at our Baubles and Books Sale and Tarenum’s bag book sale
  • Purchase tickets for our 3 raffle baskets
  • Buy a ticket for the last Quarter of this year’s 200 Club raffle or purchase your ticket early for next year
  • Buy a Sheetz coupon book
  • Give online through the donate button on our website
  • Mail your gift to our Natrona Heights address
  • Stop in and make a donation in person at either location

Still have questions? Stop by or give us a call at 724-226-3491.

Thanks for all our your help!

Who Knew? History of Natrona (6 pm Sept. 19 or 20 @ Tarentum)

Did you know before 1832, Natrona was known as “East Tarentum”?  Discover little known facts about Natrona from our speaker, local historian and author, Charles Culleiton.  Come and enjoy history in a fun and engaging way.  Audience stories are encouraged.  Program is presented at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 19 and repeated on Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 20.

Registrations are needed; seating is very limited.  Call 724-226-0770 to save your seat.

The WHO KNEW? series is sponsored by the Local History department of the Community Library of Allegheny Valley in the Tarentum branch @ 400 Lock St., Tarentum.


Third Quarter of Library Club 200 Raffle

It’s not too late to join our Library Club 200 raffle.  Members pay $30 for one of 200 tickets.  A ticket is good for one quarter of the year (three months) and a drawing will be held each Tuesday.  The owner of the number drawn each week will receive $100 and be immediately entered for the next week’s drawing.  Every club member is eligible to win every week regardless of previous wins.  The second quarter will run from July 3 to September 26.

Call 724-226-3491 or visit the library to find out more information or which numbers are still available.


Are you interested in being a Volunteer for the Community Library of Allegheny Valley?

We are currently building our volunteer program. There are many ways that you can help the library.

If you have time to share, there is a place for you with us. For more information, contact the library at 724-226-3491.